Getting permission before you carry out work

You may carry out improvements or alterations to your home, but you must get our written permission before you start any work.

Please provide any plans or drawings, where appropriate, and full details of what you want to do. You may also have to get any approval that is needed under planning or building regulations.

If we do not give permission

If we do not give you permission for a particular improvement or alteration, we will write to you explaining why.

You will be breaching your tenancy conditions if you continue with the work after we have refused to approve it and we reserve the right to re-instate your property to the condition it was first let to you and recharge the full costs of these works for illegal or poor workmanship.

Compensation for certain improvements

We may pay you compensation for certain improvements you have made to your home.

We only pay compensation after the end of your tenancy, if your improvement qualifies for the scheme, we will tell you about this when we give you permission to do the work.

Please complete the form below if you wish to request permission to carry out an improvement to your home or you wish to request more information.

Request permission to make improvements

Complete the form below to submit a request for permission to make improvement to your property.