Replacement timescales

We have set timescales for when the fittings inside and features outside your home will normally need to be replaced. These are a guide as we will aim to work on properties near each other at the same time because it saves money. When we plan to do work to your home, we will contact you.

Some examples of the replacement timescales are shown below:

  • Kitchen fittings 20 years
  • Bathroom fittings 30 years
  • Gas Boilers 15 years, oil boilers will now be replaced with air source heat pumps
  • Solid-fuel boilers 30 years
  • Electric storage heaters 20 – 30 years
  • Electric rewiring 30 years
  • Roofs 65 years
  • Windows and doors 40 years

All the above are subject to survey. We will regularly carry out surveys to check the condition of your property.