Broadacres is a customer focused organisation that always strives to deliver the very best value for money and to continuously improve its performance.

Our current performance

At Broadacres we have a focus on customers and aim to provide the highest standards of service and accommodation. Our mission, ‘to provide an individual service which makes a real difference to peoples lives’, underpins the things we choose to measure and the targets we have set.

Benchmarking our performance

To allow us to see those areas of our service where we are performing below the level of other organisations we use benchmarking. We can then contact these organisations to compare the way they provide services and find out how we can improve.

Broadacres financial and governance matters were reviewed by the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) in 2020. The RSH found Broadacres are compliant with the regulatory standards and regraded our financial viability to V1 and our governance rating to G1.