Help with energy bills

If you are a customer of British Gas, EDF, E-On, or OVO Energy you can apply for a grant administered by Charis. You can apply yourself or we can help you to apply.

Please click here to visit the Charis website


Help with bills 

Yorkshire Water offer short-term and long-term schemes that help people who are struggling to pay their water bills. If your bills are mounting up, check what help’s available to you. 

Reducing usage 

You can also look at ways to reduce your water usage. There are a few free water saving devices that are super easy to fit, from 4-minute shower timers to cistern bags that save 1-2 litres of water every time you flush. See what water saving devices Yorkshire Water can offer you for free. 

And there are a few other things you can do to reduce your water bills too, such as using homemade water butts to collect rainwater for your plants and only boiling as much water as you need. Find more water saving tips here.  Yorkshire Water – Save water 

Phone, broadband and TV 

Make sure you’re getting the best deals on your phone, broadband and TV. Check if your current provider has any offers on for existing customers and then compare prices to what else is out there. 

Take a look at this advice from the Money Saving Expert: