The first intake of Broadacres customers have completed Carbon Literacy Training with Broadacres.

Eleven customers learnt about the causes and consequences of climate change, what this means for the social housing sector, what Broadacres is doing to address climate change, carbon footprints, how they can do their bit and why it’s relevant to them.

Broadacres has been delivering Carbon Literacy training to colleagues, in partnership with The Carbon Literacy Trust, for over two years, and a quarter of our workforce have completed the training.

Helen Ball, Senior Sustainability Manager, said; “We wanted to deliver the training to a group of customers because our colleagues have found it so impactful, and now a group of customers have completed the training, and we hope they will be able to help us to deliver our sustainability strategy and to become a greener organisation. This helps us when it comes to making energy efficiency improvements to our customer’s homes.”

If this is something that you’re interested in, look out on social media and in the Broadacres Magazine for further sessions in 2024.