Unlock the potential of your community groups initiatives by tapping into our Community Development Fund. The fund supports local organisations, groups, and projects with a grant of up to £500. All grants are approved by the Association’s own residents, via a Community Development Fund Panel. Grants are available in areas where Broadacres provides homes.

Case Study 1: Brompton Library

Brompton Recreation Group is a volunteer run charity organisation that manages the Weavers Pavilion in Brompton, and last week they opened a new lending library.

After successfully applying for the Broadacres Community Development Fund and receiving a fund of £500, we are thrilled to have contributed to the furniture within the library been a part of the opening day.

Broadacres resident Patrick Lewis-Brown, who is on the Panel, said: “This is a fantastic initiative which is encouraging people to read free of charge, so we had no hesitation in approving the maximum £500 grant.”

Case Study 2: Hunton Village Hall Bridge

In 1992 a small group of residents in Hunton village came together to make a bridge between two play areas, and after near 30 years of service the self-built bridge which provides a link between the two play areas and provides safe access without the need to use the highway, has reached the end of its useful life.

The parish council embarked on a project to replace the bridge and by successfully applying to the Broadacres Community Development Fund they were granted £425 which has been used to build a new bridge and make it even stronger than before.

Case study 3: Thirsk Walking Netball Club

A sports club looking to extend the playing days of enthusiasts in a North Yorkshire town has enjoyed a successful launch of a walking netball group.

Thirsk Netball Club, which has been running for eight years, has used a £400 grant received from Broadacres to purchase the equipment needed to get things up and running for the walking netballers.

Over 20 people turned up for the first night of training, including one lady aged 68 along with her 50-year-old-daughter, who’s recovering from a partial knee replacement.

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