Broadacres’ policy on anti-social behaviour

We believe that everyone has the right to peaceful enjoyment of their home, free from disturbance, intimidation and noise nuisance. We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour and will do everything we reasonably can to tackle it, whether the problems are caused by one of our tenants, their visitors or someone else.

What is and isn't anti-social behaviour

Examples of anti-social behaviour include

  • violence or threats of violence
  • hate crime and harassment
  • aggressive and threatening behaviour
  • domestic abuse
  • criminal activity
  • noise nuisance
  • damage to property
  • Verbal abuse
  • Fly tipping

Please see the Anti-social behaviour policy by clicking here

Examples of what is not anti-social behaviour include

  • disputes related to parking
  • complaints about normal domestic noises like doors banging, washing machines and normal everday activities, such as children playing
  • car and intruder alarms
  • dogs barking at reasonable times and acceptable levels
  • people being unpleasant to one another
  • children playing ball games or youths congregating
  • one off events such as birthday or Christmas parties
  • positioning of bins
  • social media posts

Please see the Good Neighbour Management Policy by clicking here

Report anti social behaviour

If you feel you are experiencing anti social behaviour you can report it below. Alternatively you can find out other ways to contact us to report an incident.

Anti-social behaviour report

Complete the form below to report incidents on anti-social behaviour.