About our oil purchase scheme

Our oil purchase scheme assists those customers who sometimes find it difficult to buy oil in bulk. The aim of our scheme is to allow Broadacres’ customers the option to pay for oil by making monthly payments. The benefits are:

  • It’s easier to budget for oil making regular monthly payments
  • Choice of two local oil suppliers

If you are interested in joining our oil scheme please contact us or email our Finance Team.

Click here to see the oil scheme’s terms and conditions

Other oil purchase schemes

There are also other oil schemes or clubs you could use. The Oil Club, for example, is an independent organisation whose aim is to reduce the cost of oil and the impact on the environment. Click the link to find a club in your village and become a member.

The Alne Oil Co-Operative was formed in 2009 and launched a revised heating oil service in March 2014 to become a founder member of the Lower Swale Syndicate of Oil Co-operatives . The scheme is open to local residents, charities and schools located in the Lower Swale areas. Please contact by email: alne@swaleoil.org.uk.